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      The first book in the series called, "Curtis, The Haunted Water Fountain, & The Pink Apparition"  part of a series, "The Detective Curtis Chronicles".

      This book is about a detective in a half magical, half human city with a council of magic runs the magic community. The magic council helps Curtis solves crimes in the city, but little did Curtis know that his last case, before going onto his own independent detective work, would throw him for a loop. When Curtis finally solves the case and decides to leave on his own independent work, little did he realize not everything was what he thought it would be. He will soon find out that he can't use his normal detective skills as everything is not what it seems or easily solved.

This book and the series is technically classified under more categories than listed and available to put.

      They are:

  • Syfy - (Here and there, but some future books heavily)

  • Gore - (Extremely Minor, but if you have an imagination like I do...vivid)

  • Magic - (Heavy for the most part, but some books may not have it)

  • Romance - (Future Books)

  • Young Teen+ - (All Books)

  • Paranormal - (Heavy in every book, but with its own story in each book)

  • Time Travel - (Future Books)

  • General Fiction - (Do I need to explain LOL)

  • Minor Language - (Nothing extreme just things like hell and other minor words)

  • Relaxed Mystery - (All Books)

  • Relaxed solo or helped crime fighting - (There with be a companion system of sorts, but for the most part you will just have to read and find out as each book will be different or continued in a few books with Help from friends Curtis makes along the way. Which include when the time travel begins and his friends have to help Curtis, because he got himself lost in time)

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Large Paperback Edition (8.5" x 11") Links (price: $12.99):

  1. Amazon - Professional Cover Edition (2nd Edition)

eBook Edition Links (price: $9.99):

  1. Kindle - Professional Cover Edition (2nd Edition)

  2. Smashwords - Professional Cover Edition (2nd Edition) - This has multiple options including NOOK and Apple iBooks

  3. Google PlayProfessional Cover Edition

  4. Google Play Books - Professional Cover Edition

Small Book Edition (6" x 9") Links (price: $12.99):

  1. Amazon - Professional Cover Edition (2nd Edition)

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